Scenes of Outrage Over Kimani’s Slaying

Protests and arrests after the killing of a Brooklyn, N.Y., teen by police, caught on camera.

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    Terrence Jennings

    Outrage in Brooklyn

    Since 16-year-old Kimani Gray was shot and killed by two New York City Police Department officers as he left a birthday party at his best friend’s house the night of March 9, the public outcry in the East Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn where he lived has showed no signs of slowing down, with nightly protests since March 11.

    On March 13 and 14, photographer Terrence Jennings captured these images of the aftermath of the teen’s death.

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    Terrence Jennings

    A Mother's Plea

    On March 14 Kimani’s mother, Carol, told a room full of reporters, “He was slaughtered, and I want to know why.” She also said: “I don’t condone any riots, any looting, any shooting, anything against any police officers. Two police officers shot down Kimani, and I only want justice for two police officers to be off the street before they hurt another young kid.” Meanwhile, the memorial to her son grows in his East Flatbush neighborhood.

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    Terrence Jennings

    Protesters and Cops Clash

    At a March 13 vigil, a large crowd gathered near the corner of East 55th Street and Church Avenue in Brooklyn and clashed with police officers in riot gear.

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    Terrence Jennings

    Boiling Point

    Tensions were high on the evening of March 13.

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    Terrence Jennings


    Protesters were removed …

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    Terrence Jennings

    Taken Away

    … and carried away by police on March 13.

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    Terrence Jennings

    Show of Force

    Some protesters were arrested for disorderly conduct, although it is not known for certain if this protester was among them.

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    Terrence Jennings

    On the Ground

    Members of the NYPD hold down a demonstrator.

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    Terrence Jennings

    Sign of Frustration

    The community expressed its anger against law enforcement on March 13.

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    Terrence Jennings

    Remembering Kimani

    Some observed the March 13 vigil with quiet reflection.