Scenes From the 2013 Inaugural Ceremony

We were there as President Obama renewed his oath to the country, and it was grand.

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    Round 2 Officially Begins

    On Monday, thousands of revelers flooded the National Mall to witness President Obama renew his oath to America. The stretch of bodies was an astonishing sight — so much so that just as President Obama retreated back into the Capitol after the swearing-in, he paused, took one last look at the massive crowd and said, “I’m not going to see this again.”

    The Root was present for the president’s last inauguration. Here are photos of scenes from one of the most important moments in the nation’s history.

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    Man of the Hour

    President Obama acknowledges parade-goers as he walks down Pennsylvania Avenue with the first lady.

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    Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

    Sasha and Malia Obama, President Barack Obama’s daughters, take a photo of themselves during the presidential inaugural parade.

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    The first lady greets singer Beyoncé after she performed the national anthem during the public ceremonial inauguration.

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    Katy Perry

    The award-winning singer and staunch Obama supporter attended with singer John Mayer.

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    Hard at Work

    Between live reporting and greeting fans, CNN’s Soledad O’Brien smiles for the camera at the foot of the Capitol.

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    Cicely Tyson

    The stunning, legendary actress makes her way through the thick crowd.

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    Jeffrey Wright

    The actor stops to chat with a Tuskegee Airman just before the ceremony begins.

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    Watching History

    A woman watches as the presidential inaugural parade moves through the nation’s capital.

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    Parading in Style

    President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama participate during the inaugural parade.

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    Hey, Joe!

    The first lady greets Vice President Joe Biden on the reviewing stand as the presidential inaugural parade winds through the nation’s capital.

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    A Joyous Occasion

    Spectators look on as President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama participate in the inaugural parade.