Images of the Fight Against AIDS in Africa

A writer snapped these photos depicting the daily battle against the disease in Ethiopia and Zambia.

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    Linda Villarosa

    From the Ground Up  

    Austin Muyambela cleans the grounds at the Nangoma Mission Hospital in rural Zambia. He also volunteers as an HIV/AIDS counselor and helps patients stay on their medications.

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    Linda Villarosa

    Prevention Is Key  

    Muyambela (left) also assists Fred Mbewe, a nurse who performs circumcisions, which can reduce HIV infection by 60 percent in men.

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    Linda Villarosa

    Knowledge Is Power  

    The Ethiopian village of Galato holds community conversations to learn about reproductive health and talk about their concerns together.

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    Linda Villarosa

    Spreading the Word  

    Ethiopian health-extension worker Aster Roba conducts a community meeting in her village to discuss health concerns, including HIV/AIDS.

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    Linda Villarosa

    Paving the Path  

    Zambian traditional healer Manyando Silukena and his wife treat illness with herbs. But they refer people with HIV to medical facilities.

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    Linda Villarosa

    Moving Forward

    The Mary Aikenhead Open Community School, a Catholic institution, is for girls who have lost parents, mainly to HIV/AIDS.

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    Linda Villarosa

    Supplying the Future  

    The school provides education and breakfast for girls grades one through nine.

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    Linda Villarosa

    Higher Standards  

    Senior Chief Shakumbila demands that families pay the price of three goats for not delivering babies in a medical facility.

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    Linda Villarosa

    Support, Not Shame  

    Nurse-midwife Angela Maseka treats 10 to 15 HIV-positive women a day. “What’s the shame” in HIV? she asks.

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    Linda Villarosa

    Taking Responsibility  

    The Brothers for Life HIV/AIDS campaign targets men in Zambia.

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