Happy Founders Day, Alpha Phi Alpha

On Dec. 4, 1906, seven men at Cornell University founded the first black intercollegiate fraternity. Many prominent African Americans have since become members of the organization. In honor of its 107th anniversary, here is a gallery of famous Alphas, past and present.

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  • images2Fslides2FCharlesRangel_1
    Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images  

    Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.)

    Alpha Gamma Lambda chapter

  • images2Fslides2FCornelWest_1
    Scott Gries/Getty Images  

    Professor Cornel West

    Zeta Beta Lamba chapter

  • images2Fslides2FDukeEllington_1
    Wikimedia Commons

    Musician Duke Ellington

    Alpha Zeta Lambda chapter

  • images2Fslides2FFrederickDouglass_1
    Wikimedia Commons

    Abolitionist Frederick Douglass

    Honorary member

  • images2Fslides2FHillHarper_1
    Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images  

    Actor Hill Harper

    Kappa Phi Lambda chapter

  • images2Fslides2FJoeBrown_1
    David Livingston/Getty Images  

    Judge Joe Brown

    Kappa Eta chapter

  • images2Fslides2FKeenanIvoryWayans_1
    Gabriel Bouys/AFP/Getty Images  

    Comedian and Director Keenen Ivory Wayans

    Gamma Phi chapter

  • images2Fslides2FKwameKilpatrick_1
    Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

    Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick

    Beta Nu chapter

  • images2Fslides2FLionelRichie_1
    Rick Diamond/Getty Images for CMT  

    Musician Lionel Richie

    Gamma Phi chapter

  • images2Fslides2FMLK_1
    AFP/Getty Images  

    Civil Rights Leader Martin Luther King Jr.

    Sigma chapter

  • images2Fslides2FRolandBurris_1
    Scott Olson/Getty Images  

    Former U.S. Sen. Roland Burris (D-Ill.)

    Beta Eta chapter

  • images2Fslides2FStuartScott_1
    Ethan Miller/Getty Images for MJCI  

    ESPN Anchor Stuart Scott

    Mu Zeta chapter

  • images2Fslides2FThurgoodMarshall_1
    Wikimedia Commons

    Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall

    Nu chapter

  • images2Fslides2FWEBDuBois_1
    Wikimedia Commons

    Historian W.E.B. Du Bois

    Epsilon chapter