Haiti’s Private Sector Proposes a New Social Contract

Often seen as opposing democratic ideals, Haiti's private sector has proposed sweeping reforms and massive investments in advance of the UN donors meeting that promises billions in reconstruction funds.

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  • Haiti's Private Sector Says it Welcomes Haitians Abroad

    Often reviled as “Diaspo,” the 2 million Haitians living abroad find themselves suddenly welcome to help in the reconstruction.

  • Breaking a Destructive Cycle

    The Haitian private sector presentation admits past failures and suggests a shining path.

  • A New More Democratic Economy for Haiti

    The business sector proposes expanding the middle class.

  • Principles for Rebuilding Haiti

    The business sector proposes some principles to guide reconstruction.

  • The Private Sector Strategy

    Haiti’s business community proposes to create jobs.

  • A New Focus on Agriculture in Haiti

    Before the earthquake, Haiti’s government budgeted just $1.5 million to support agriculture.

  • Haiti's Health and Education Needs

    The plan would cut infant mortality by 50 percent in five years.

  • Provide Homes for One Million People

    This plan would be accomplished in five years.

  • Better Goverment for Haiti

    The private sector says it wants better government and more stability.

  • A Focus on Five Sectors

    Agriculture, tourism and a garment manufacturing sector would lead industrial development.

  • A Plan for Haiti- Decentralization

    After years of putting everything in Port-au-Prince, the private sector suggests spreading capacity around the country.

  • Development in the Breadbasket

    Haiti’s fertile central plain will get renewed attention.

  • In Haiti's South, Proposals for New Infrastructure

    The neglected south of Haiti would get a new port, new airport and more roads.

  • Making Haitians Abroad Welcome

    After years of keeping the 2 million strong Haitian Disapora at arm’s length, the private sector says it supports their integration into the politics and economy of the country.

  • An Appeal for a Social Contract

    The private sector calls for a responsible elite and a new moral standard for Haiti.