The 19th Annual Golden Scissors Awards

Colorful weaves? Check. Motorized hairpieces? Check. Fierce models? Check! The Root was there to capture all of the wild styles at this Sunday night's Golden Scissors Awards in Washington, D.C.

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  • Basket Weave

    Basket Weave

    Model Keyana Montigue, representing Dudley Beauty College, gets dolled up by makeup artist Miss Diane.

  • Pink Lady

    Pink Lady

    A model waits patiently as a stylist puts the finishing touches on her mile-high pink-and-blond hairdo.

  • Hairstyles of the Future

    Hairstyles of the Future

    Silver contacts take this futuristic look to the next level.

  • All Smiles

    All Smiles

    Two models from B.R.A.T. Box Salon for Kids in Temple Hill, Md., hang out backstage.

  • Distinguished Guest

    Distinguished Guest

    Glynn Jackson, who runs Golden Scissors, shares the stage with D.C.’s mayor-elect, Vincent Gray.

  • Celebrity Presenter

    Celebrity Presenter

    Choreographer and actor Darrin Henson presented a lifetime achievement award.

  • Not Just Hair

    Not Just Hair

    Elaborate (and sometimes barely there) costumes ruled the runway.

  • Child's Play

    Child's Play

    The kids who modeled in the show proved that you don’t have to be a grown-up to work the runway in fierce style.

  • Golden Child

    Golden Child

    Case in point: this miniature model, who was front and center as he showed off his style.

  • Black or White

    Black or White

    A model walks in the show.

  • Bun Times

    Bun Times

    Some of the styles at the show were so elaborate, they looked more like fancy hats than hair.

  • Awestruck


    Anji Corley, contributing editor to The Root, gazes at the action on the runway.

  • Workin' It

    Workin' It

    This model is loving the spotlight!

  • Glynn's Girls

    Glynn's Girls

    All in blue, the models are part of Glynn Jackson’s crew.

  • Winner's Circle

    Winner's Circle

    Lachers Reese models the night’s winning style, created by Christopher D. Fountain of Connecticut. Fountain won $1,000 for his efforts.