Fashion Week a la Michelle

Taking a cue from the Obamas, New York Fashion week has turned the volume down on excess this year with guest lists halved, champagne corked and more than a few major designers skipping the trip altogether. But even if our First Muse has other pressing (presidential?) things to do this week, Michelle Obama's presence is being felt in NYC.

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  • "I love a belt..."

    "I love a belt..."

    Michelle’s style sneaks up on you because underneath it all the first lady has a simple sartorial equation: Mix the practical with panache. This belted coat from Andy & Debb will keep her warm and fashionable.


    Text by Helena Andrews

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  • Commander in Sheath

    Commander in Sheath

    It’s no secret that Mrs. Obama favors the figure-hugging silhouette that is the sheath dress. Once again Jason Wu gives the lady what she wants with this dreamy number in grayish green.

  • American Mom

    American Mom

    Whether or not Michelle is a fan of Frida Kahlo (seriously), Jason Wu gets even more mileage with White House moms. This pragmatic velvet pant and jacket duo can easily go from the school pick-up line to party time (well, not party time but maybe some very chic homework help).

  • For the Grown and Stress-free

    For the Grown and Stress-free

    Forget those crocodile shirts that cost too much. Lacoste has moved beyond the tennis courts and hopefully into Mrs. Obama’s collection. Flowy, high-waisted and monochromatic, this is an outfit for a “full-blown grown-up woman”—Oprah Winfrey’s take on Michelle.

  • Date Night

    Date Night

    I have no clue how this dress works—if it’s a top with a skirt or wrap dress gone sexy. Either way BCBGMaxAzria just did President Obama a solid with a striped silky v-neck dress/shirt thingy perfect for a night away from the kids and the country.

  • Dust Your Shoulders Off

    Dust Your Shoulders Off

    If waking up before the sun to get a workout in doesn’t earn you the right to bare arms—and shoulders and legs and whatever else—then this just isn’t America. DKNY has re-discovered a classic look that gives the Second Amendment new meaning.

  • Fun with the First Lady

    Fun with the First Lady

    Michelle Obama tells Vogue, “If I can have any impact, I want women to feel good about themselves and have fun with fashion.” Diane Von Furstenberg? Check.

  • Fashion Finding Mission

    Fashion Finding Mission

    I need my first lady to wear this. Just imagine the next day’s headlines after Mrs. Obama glides out of Air Force One in this vintage look from DKNY—”From America with Love.”

  • January 2012?

    January 2012?

    Lela Rose is trying to tell us something with a youthful frock very reminiscent of the first lady’s inaugural ball gown that succeeds in embracing the figure and amping up the femininity.

  • "It's fun to look pretty."

    "It's fun to look pretty."

    Last year Michelle told the ladies of “The View” that it was “fun to look pretty.” Over the next four, however, fun might turn into fatigue. Fortunately, Carolina Herrera never gets tired of making couture-inspired costumes like these.

  • Obamauu-muu


    Just kidding–sort of.

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