The Black Bloggers to Know in 2012

From Mario Armstrong to Ngozi Odita, here's our 2012 list of online scribes to follow.

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  • images2Fslides2Fcrunk_feminist_collective_051512_400jrw
    The Crunk Feminist Collective  

    The Crunk Feminist Collective

    Whether it’s Chris Brown’s temperament, the Trayvon Martin case or dating while fat and feminist, the CFC will have something to say about the sex, gender and race politics that complicate current events. A group of scholars who identify as hip-hop feminists, these women riff — mostly anonymously — on pop culture, music, film, politics and on any other topics where racism and sexism tend to rear their ugly heads. They are, from our view, masters at identifying and dissecting bigotry and injustice.

    Our favorite post: White Women’s Rage: 5 Thoughts on Why Jan Brewer Should Keep Her Fingers to Herself. Follow CFC on Twitter.

  • images2Fslides2FChristina_Brown_Crunk_Feminist_051512_400jrw
    Love Brown Sugar's Christina Brown (Courtesy of Love Brown Sugar)

    Christina Brown of Love Brown Sugar

    Love Brown Sugar creator Brown also works as an online editor at Uptown magazine and as a frequent contributor to other glossies. She might not be a size six, but women of all shapes and sizes can find inspiration in Brown’s funky fashion sense and practical beauty tips. Also, for the fashion-blog-obsessed, Brown regularly hosts product and clothing events and giveaways.

    We absolutely love My Big Break & 3 Life Lessons. Follow Love Brown Sugar on Twitter.

  • images2Fslides2Fkaren_where_did_u_get_that_051512_400jrw
    Where Did U Get That's Karen Blanchard (Courtesy of Karen Blanchard)

    Karen Blanchard of Where Did U Get That?

    Blanchard is a vintage junky. Originally from London, she travels through New York’s vintage fashion scene to unlock what she calls the city’s “hidden treasures” and shares all of her fashion finds with her Where Did U Get That readers on both sides of the Atlantic. You can catch this fashion insider at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week events and at the showrooms of some of biggest retailers in the world.

    Here’s an inside look at some Fall 2012 fashions. Follow her on Twitter.

  • images2Fslides2Fstreet_etiquette_travis_gumbs_joshua_kissi_051512_400jrw
    Street Etiquette's Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs (Jason Kempin/Getty Images)  

    Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs of Street Etiquette

    If you’re plugged in to the black fashion blogosphere at all, then you’ve heard of Street Etiquette. After making their debut in the New York Times last summer, Kissi and Gumbs of Street Etiquette have become the new face of black male fashion blogging. The duo captures emerging trends in black men’s fashion, mostly with images and commentary on remixes of vintage style. Oh, and the photos are simply gorgeous.

    Check out Crowned, their portrait series on black men’s hairstyles. Follow Street Etiquette on Twitter.

  • images2Fslides2Fstuff_fly_people_like_051512_400jrw
    Courtesy of Stuff Fly People Like

    Rae Holliday and Gabriel Williams of Stuff Fly People Like 

    Creators Holliday and Williams write about all the things that the cool or fly kids are doing these days. This award-winning blog is a one-stop destination for urban pop-culture addicts who want the latest in fashion, music, dance, events and TV. What makes it different from the countless pop culture blogs on the Internet? They offer up their takes with a bit of wit and a lot of humor.

    Laugh at their hilarious take on the latest Basketball Wives episode. Follow Stuff Fly People Like on Twitter.

  • images2Fslides2Fhlnlamarronnie
    Black and Married With Kids' Ronnie and Lamar Tyler (HLN)

    Lamar and Ronnie Tyler of Black and Married With Kids

    It doesn’t take much to find bloggers who chronicle the (mis)adventures of their single lives. It takes even less to come across pervasive news stories that depict black marriage as a suffering, chronically ill institution. Lamar and Ronnie Tyler started their award-winning blog in 2007 to balance that perspective. They muse about everything from love to parenting to date nights. Their efforts are a breath of fresh air for the black blogosphere.

    Here, Ronnie dishes on ways to keep your marriage spicy. Follow Black and Married With Kids on Twitter.

  • images2Fslides2Fpam_spaulding_051512_julie_atwell_400jrw
    Pam Spaulding (Julie Atwell)

    Pam Spaulding of Pam's House Blend

    Award-winning LGBT blogger and activist Spaulding filled a much-needed void in 2004 when she launched Pam’s House Blend. Now, it’s one of the premier blogs focusing on black and brown LBGT issues, tackling everything from marriage equality to homophobia in hip-hop.

    Check out her post scrutinizing a New York Times article about a murdered transgender woman. Follow her on Twitter.

  • images2Fslides2Fjamelle_bouie_american_prospect_2
    Jamelle Bouie (Courtesy of the American Prospect)

    Jamelle Bouie of the American Prospect

    As a writing fellow at the American Prospect, Bouie has become a leading voice in conversations about elections and political behavior. His writing often cuts through the flab and accesses political events with hard-hitting analysis and well-thought-out arguments. And, if you miss his posts in the Prospect, you can catch him on Twitter, where he’s often a part of lively debates.

    Here’s his take on why the stimulus package worked. Follow him on Twitter.

  • images2Fslides2F142098494
    Robin Marchant/Getty Images

    Jonathan Capehart of PostPartisan

    Capehart has an extensive and impressive journalism background. He’s held several editorial posts throughout his career, and he won a Pulitzer Prize in 1999 as a member of the Daily News editorial board for their coverage of Harlem’s Apollo Theater. Now, as a member of the Washington Post’s editorial board, he writes for the PostPartisan blog, where he shares his thoughts about politics and social issues. He’s also a cable TV fixture, with regular appearances on Morning Joe and other shows.

    One of our favorite posts: Don’t blame blacks for Obama’s reticence on same-sex marriage. Follow him on Twitter.

  • images2Fslides2FScreen_Shot_2012-05-15_at_7_1
    Ikenna Azuike (YouTube)

    Ikenna Azuike of What's Up Africa

    What’s Up Africa is a video blog about, you guessed it, Africa. Its creator, Azuike, a lawyer-turned-broadcaster based in the Netherlands, delivers hilarious, quick-witted vlogs about the latest from the continent, giving viewers an alternative to the one-dimensional reporting they get from mainstream news sites. As for his inspiration, Azuike says, “I was inspired by one of my comedy heroes, Jon Stewart of The Daily Show.” We definitely see the similarities.

    Here’s his take on why BBC Africa Coverage Sucks. Follow him on Twitter.

  • images2Fslides2F3635126762_1e03189260
    Vintage Black Glamour's Nichelle Gainer (center) (Courtesy of Nichelle Stephens)

    Nichelle Gainer of Vintage Black Glamour

    Vintage Black Glamour, the tagline of which is, “The glamourous life from the beginning,” collects some of the rarest images of black people throughout the years. Dating as far back as the early 1900s, the photos collected on VBG include magazine covers and newspaper advertisements, as well as photos of iconic black figures like Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday. Its creator, Gainer, is set to turn her venture into a forthcoming book.

    This shot of Michael Jackson with Lena Horne is classic VBG. Follow Vintage Black Glamour on Twitter.

  • images2Fslides2FScreen_Shot_2012-05-15_at_8
    Elon James White (YouTube)   

    Elon James White of This Week in Blackness

    White spearheads this vlog-podcast series, which features high-energy analyses of current events that affect the black community. White, who is a stand-up comedian, and the TWIB staff (also called #TeamBlackness) do not mince words when it comes to their feelings about Republicans and the war against women, responses to same-sex marriage or other current events. This one ranks high on our “very entertaining” meter.

    Check out the interview with Tim Wise. Follow him on Twitter.

  • images2Fslides2F185220_10150288572465682_543535681_7830356_1974077_n
    Denene Millner (Facebook)

    Denene Millner of My Brown Baby

    Millner started My Brown Baby in 2008, shortly after news of Bristol Palin’s pregnancy made its way into the news cycle. “I created [this blog] for African-American moms looking to lend their critical but all-too-often ignored voices to the national parenting debate,” Millner writes. For brown moms looking for a space to write and talk about pregnancy, parenting, healthy eating and pop-culture portrayals of parenting, this blog is their utopia. And who can resist pictures of adorable babies?

    Check out: We Love Jennifer Lopez and Chris Rock, But We May Be Skipping “What to Expect When You’re Expecting: The Movie.” Follow My Brown Baby on Twitter.

  • images2Fslides2Fwaynesutton-2008
    Social Wayne's Wayne Sutton (courtesy of Social Wayne)

    Wayne Sutton of Social Wayne

    You might remember Sutton from CNN Black in America 4, which chronicled his attempts to break into Silicon Valley. Sutton, an entrepreneur, advisor and technology journalist, blogs about new apps, social media and all tech-related things in between at Social Wayne. In true techie style, his site features rich visuals and infographics that explain topics ranging from human capital to the mobile Web market.

    Check out his latest infographic: Big Profits From Big Data. Follow him on Twitter.

  • images2Fslides2Fhs1
    Christen Rochon of Divas & Dorks (Courtesy of Divas & Dorks)

    Christen Rochon of Divas & Dorks

    Think of Divas & Dorks as the love child from the marriage of Rochon’s favorite things: gadgets, gossip and shoes. “I would spend hours at work exploring fashion, gossip, entertainment and technology sites. I realized that if I could find a site that combined two to three of those topics into one site that I’d save a lot of time,” she told Black Enterprise. With product reviews, gift guides and the latest fashion finds, Rochon encourages her readers to embrace their inner dweeb.

    Check out her teaser on the new MacBook model. Follow Divas & Dorks on Twitter.

  • images2Fslides2Fmario-pacman-blazer
    Mario Armstrong (Courtesy of Mario Armstrong)

    Mario Armstrong

    Armstrong, a digital lifestyle expert, is an Emmy Award-winning television personality. On his eponymous blog, he uses SocialCam, the latest network for video sharing, to post demonstrations on how to use apps and gadgets. Armstrong goes beyond telling his audience about the latest trends; he also offers up suggestions on how to incorporate these trends into their lives.

    We loved his Mother’s Day gift guide. Follow him on Twitter.

  • images2Fslides2FDSC_0460_ROUND_WAY_GIRLS_04142012_Original
    Antoinette (left) and Shanti of Around the Way Curls (Courtesy of Around the Way Curls)

    Antoinette and Shanti of Around the Way Curls

    These BFFs bond over their luxurious coils, and they’ve created a place for other curl-lovers to join them. Around the Way Curls cleverly brings together pop culture and kinks, a combination they hope helps to redefine the standards of beauty.

    Here’s Shanti’s hilarious and admittedly shameful confession on why she only uses “brand name” hair products. Follow them on Twitter.

  • images2Fslides2FScreen_Shot_2012-05-15_at_7
    Black Bridal Bliss

    Bridgette Bartlett of Black Bridal Bliss

    Black brides and their needs are often ignored (mainly because black women don’t get married, right?), but they are the stars of the show for Bartlett, whose blog focuses entirely on black love and the blissful weddings that follow. From proposals to ideas for exotic honeymoon locales to beauty giveaways, Triple B has got it all covered.

    Check out these beautiful stories: He Put a Ring on It: Past Tie the Knot Tuesday Grooms and Their Reasons for Proposing. Follow Triple B on Twitter.

  • images2Fslides2Fsocietyhae_screencapture
    Society HAE

    Ngozi Odita of Society HAE (SHAE)

    SHAE is not just a blog, but a hub for creative folks interested in African culture. Based in Brooklyn, N.Y., SHAE focuses on the latest in fashion, music, art and culture and “serves as a point of convergence for the creative community across the globe.” They’re also serious about supporting and promoting African musicians and artists, and even hosted an African Music Showcase at the coveted South by Southwest (SXSW) music festival.

    Check out some highlights from SHAE at SXSW. Follow SHAE on Twitter.

  • images2Fslides2FDaveyDBfresh
    Courtesy of Davey D's Hip-Hop World

    Davey D of Davey D's Hip-Hop Corner

    Journalist and hip-hop activist Davey D tackles current events from a hip-hop perspective. The veteran radio host and columnist for the San Jose Mercury News is rarely short on words, and when he’s not addressing police brutality or racial injustice, he’s sharing the latest music and hip-hop news with his readers.

    Here’s his take on the Marissa Alexander case. Follow him on Twitter.

  • images2Fslides2FMAimage9
    Courtesy of Michael Arceneaux

    Michael Arceneaux of the Cynical Ones

    There aren’t many pop-culture moments to which Arceneaux hasn’t lent his two sarcastic cents on his aptly named blog, the Cynical Ones. Confused by Brian McKnight’s dubious comeback? Curious about Beyoncé — whom he affectionately calls his lord and gyrator — and her new vocation as a journalist? Head to this blog for a perfectly mixed concoction of scathing humor, solid analysis and just good common sense.

    Here he writes about his struggle with being a Rihanna fan. Follow him on Twitter.