The Road to Freedom

An exhibit of historical photographs at New York's Bronx Museum celebrates the struggle for equal rights.

Image 1
  • Going in Peace

    A woman is arrested for peacefully protesting during a civil rights rally.

  • "Before I be a Slave, I'll be Buried in My Grave..."

    The Chaney family as they depart for the funeral of James Chaney, Philadelphia, Mississippi, 1964.

  • I Am a Man

    I Am a Man/ Union Justice Now campaign, Memphis, Tennessee, 1968

  • Police Inhumanity

    Taylor Washington arrested in Leb’s Delicatessen, Atlanta, 1964.

  • Voices of Freedom

    Andrew Young, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and John Lewis in Selma, Alabama, 1965.

  • I Have a Dream

    A manifestation of what Dr. King dreamt about.

  • And the Home of the Brave

    A man marches for his civil rights while holding the American flag.

  • A Day at the Park

    Kelly Ingram Park, Birmingham, 1963

  • The Couple that Marches Together, Stays Together

    Dr. King and Coretta Scott King leading marchers, Montgomery, Alabama, 1965

  • Poster Child

    Woman kneeling with her sign during a demonstration, 1963.