A Ghanaian Take on Africhic

Gold Coast designers change up the traditional forms of style. Designs by Kwesi Nti and Oheneba Accessories.

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  • Runway Queen

    Runway Queen

    The Africhic movement is a fusion of traditional African prints and colors, with modern European-inspired cuts. African designers are emerging from all over the continent to represent their wearable and versatile lines.

    Text by Danielle Kwateng

  • Orange Crush

    Orange Crush

    Details. Details. Details. The intricacies of stitching and printmaking all serve as an indicator of how much work goes into each piece.

  • Electric Blue

    Electric Blue

    African fashion is known for wide collars and pronounced sleeves. Africhic designers have reinvented this look for a more modest style.

  • Let it Flow

    Let it Flow

    African clothing is also known for bold colors. The latest trend is the fusion of these show-stopping colors with wearable cuts.  

  • Fun in the Sun

    Fun in the Sun

    Wrapping a wax cloth around your bathing suit or wearing a sleeveless print top is an exoctic look for a tropical beach getaway.

  • Perfect 10

    Perfect 10

    From the typical two-piece skirt set to flowy dresses, African designers truly explore the natural curves of all women’s body types.

  • One in a Million

    One in a Million

    AlwaysTraditionally, Ghanaian designers work with each client, individually, to make outfits specific to their measurements. No two outfits are ever the same.

  • Young, Black, Fabulous

    Young, Black, Fabulous

    For formal events, African pieces fit in fantastically. If color-shy, there are calm-colored prints that draw less attention while representing the boldness of design.

  • Sweet and Simple

    Sweet and Simple

    Perfect for a day of relaxing or a night out in town, pieces like this serve as a versatile and comfortable option for modern women.

  • Manly Bright

    Manly Bright

    With men’s fashion, it’s all about showcasing masculinity while integrating bold colors. The most common look is the basic button-up cotton shirt.

  • Simply Suave

    Simply Suave

    Shoulders usually have a defined cut, but more designers are relaxing the fit and subduing colors for everyday menswear.

  • Swagger Like Us

    Swagger Like Us

    It’s important for men to feel a sense of swag wherever they go. Contrary to popular belief, African designs don’t all use flamboyant colors.

  • Oheneba Accessories

    Oheneba Accessories

    Simple accessories are a great way to include African fashion into everyday wear. Knowing the popularity of small accents,  designers have focused more attention on a unique way to express their heritage while being  functional for customers.

  • Footloose


    The majority of Africhic designer shoes are open-toe and loose fitting.

  • Toe-Cute


    Because there are so many ways to switch up an open-toe design, designers have used their creativity to incorporate different mediums in footwear. Beads, lace and gold are accessories found on the hottest show designs.