Black Designer Dazzles at NY Fashion Week

Tracy Reese goes full-on luxe with a Fall 2012 collection soaked in color and brushed with gold.

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    Color Rules

    Vibrant colors such as acid tangerine, cobalt blue and electric teal illuminated Tracy Reese’s Fall 2012 fashion collection. Her seasonal showcase at the tents of New York City’s Lincoln Center is a rare forum for a black designer.

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    Mesmerizing Metallics

    Metallic gold hues burnished the luxurious collection.

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    Opposites Attract

    Tailored coats were paired with flirty dresses.

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    Elegant Embellishments

    Models graced the runway adorned in richly embellished dresses.

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    Color Me Bad

    A pop of color enlivened each ensemble.

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    Transitional Phase

    This breezy, summer looked begged to be layered over in the transition to fall.

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    Guns Blazing

    The toned arms of a first lady are advised for this flowing, sleeveless look.

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    Fall Colors Redefined

    The best defense against autumn winds is a warm and dazzling coat.

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    Mix and Match

    Reese frequently mixed hue-rich floral prints with monochrome grid patterns.

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    In many an outfit, the dazzle factor was reined in by a sleek cinch belt.

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    Fail Safe

    Throw this coat over any outfit for a look that’s both plush and electrifying.

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    I've Got the Blues

    Cobalt blue and electric teal ruled the runway.

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    Presenting: Tracy Reese

    The designer greeted a thrilled audience after showing her Fall 2012 collection.