The Oscars of Black Hair

Not-safe-for-work haircuts, hard bodies, soft curves--and lotsa eyelashes. A preview of this weekend’s Golden Scissors Awards competition.

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  • The Oscars of Black Hair

    The Oscars of Black Hair

    The 2009 competition at the Washington Convention Center will be fierce among black stylists to see who will take home the coveted awards. Click through to see highlights from a previous Golden Scissors competition.

    Photos by Marvin Joseph courtesy of GLYNN JACKSON THE AGENCY.

  • Mr. Obama's Washington

    Mr. Obama's Washington

    Steps away from the other White House, Golden Scissors Awards creator Glynn Jackson poses with models vamping in front of an air-brushed portrait of the president, Capitol and White House–and of course, a few bottles poppin’ with bubbly. It’s a celebration!

    Read Natalie Hopkinson’s piece on how to cope with black hair’s Dominican invasion.

  • Fan-tastic


    Black hair shows are about more than just hair. For the past several years, retro ’80s fashions have been popular.

  • I Love the '80s

    I Love the '80s

    And with its asymmetric styles and ecstatic bursts of color, what’s not to love about the ’80s?

  • Redstripe


    And don’t forget to add an extra dose of drama.

  • Golden Girl

    Golden Girl

    Lash extensions and over-the-top makeup not optional.

  • Picture Perfect

    Picture Perfect

    She’s the one.

  • Hairoic


    The more architectural reinforcement a hairstyle needs, the better your chances are to take home a Golden Scissors trophy.

  • Interstate 95

    Interstate 95

    Take this exit.

  • The Fire Backstage

    The Fire Backstage

    Hey, does that hurt?

  • Young MC

    Young MC

    Hair show veteran Glynn Jackson both emcees the competition and demonstrates how to walk this way.

  • Fierce


    Go ahead Glynn, strike a pose.

  • Bustin' Loose

    Bustin' Loose

    And sometimes, hair is beside the point…

  • King Strut

    King Strut

    Does he even have any hair? Do we care?

  • Can Your Barber Do This?

    Can Your Barber Do This?

    Didn’t think so.

  • Classic Gumby Cut

    Classic Gumby Cut

    Upgraded from the Bobby Brown, circa 1988 edition.

  • Curves


    We prefer our models well-nourished.

  • Pirouette


    Choreography runs the gamut from classical to Dirty South.

  • Hunger


    Must be the leopard print around her waist.

  • Pink Flamingo

    Pink Flamingo

    Feathers strategically placed.

  • Forward March

    Forward March

    Moving in lock-step in not-so basic black. 

  • Taking Flight

    Taking Flight

    Fashion soaring.

  • Liquid Gold

    Liquid Gold

    A striking contrast with the b-boys and girls behind her.

  • In Motion

    In Motion

    Amazing feats of athleticism from the dancers. 

  • Blue 'Fro

    Blue 'Fro

    Not to be confused with the Jew ‘fro.

  • In Living Color

    In Living Color

    Walking, talking kaleidoscopes.

  • Spiderwoman


    The kiss? Deadly.

  • American Girl

    American Girl

    This is the nation’s capital, after all.

  • The Barack Cut

    The Barack Cut

    This is why they call it “Chocolate City.”

  • Founding Mother