As some of you have already noticed, we have installed a new system on The Root to manage reader comments.  It should make it easier for you to log in and to comment on articles that appear on the site. You will be able to log into The Root with either your Root log-in or your Facebook log-in. It should also be easier for you to share or forward articles you like to friends or to the major social networking sites.

The technology from JS-Kit will also allow us to more easily manage, moderate and remove comments that violate our rules.

We want to create a safe, welcoming environment that encourages our readers to express their views. We welcome sharp disagreements on the issues—even when we don't agree with you.


We will delete comments that are personal attacks on writers or other readers, racial slurs, or go beyond the bounds of polite discourse. Those who persist in violating these rules will be barred permanently—and our system will enable us to keep track of abusers who log in under different user names.

Our goal is to make The Root a virtual town square for polite discussion of the vital issues that concern us, and this new system will go a long way to making that possible.

Please send us your feedback on any bugs or difficulty you may encounter.