Sarah Palin is a scion of freedom and her Going Rogue book tour is fueled by liberty. This is a movement for the people. Except for people that might ask questions.

Don't believe it? Yesterday, TPM Media released Palin's blogger non grata rider. And just in case you thought this was a game, just know Todd Palin is quarterbacking much of this. Writes Justin Elliott of TPM

And we've got new details that shed light on Todd Palin's role as his wife's chief enforcer.

The "coordinating instructions" document, whose authenticity was confirmed by James Hastings, the Wasilla official who runs the arena and who wrote the instructions, refers to a "DENIED ACCESS LIST PER TODD PALIN." And, after listing three names, continues:

"Coordination with Todd will be required to identify those folks in the event they present themselves NOT as media reps. They are not welcome by the family and this is a private rental of the facility with a public invite and access limited list provided by renters."

As you might imagine, the bloggers in question and other media outlets are having a field day with this.  At Immoral Minority, two of bloggers banned give an account of their "bum rushing" at the Wasilla book signing while The Atlantic Wire's Lightning Rod a few examples of Palin getting a shoe from the likes of Gawker, Mediaite and Daily Kos.