Leo Jackson, New England's First Black Mayor, Dies

Leo Jackson, who first became mayor of New London, Connecticut in 1980, has died BET reports. A selection by his city council peers with a vote of confidence from then-President Jimmy Carter, Jackson only served one one-year term, but remained on the city council an additional thirteen years. Jackson was 83 years old.

GOP Calls Sotomayor Racist; In Unrelated News, Pot Calls Kettle Black

Jack and Jill Politics does a nice job of airing out the Conservatives bent on taking down Sonia Sotomayor via the "she's a racist" card, which might be plausible if there was any shred of evidence supporting it. At question, of course, is her "controversial" quote regarding a Latina woman's perspective versus that of her white male counterpart. Unlike her detractors—who, by the by, are conveniently ignoring the fact that some of their own have backed Sotomayor's judicial abilities in the past—J&J takes the time to place into context the quote by providing the entire speech from which it came.

Michael Vick's Unreleased PETA Commercial