Joe Mande of Videogum crushes Madea and Tyler Perry after seeing Perry's recent theatrical effort. We're going to post a blurb, but you really need to read the entire article.

Then Madea enters (to thunderous applause) and the first thing he/she does is break the fourth wall, running up to the front of the stage and yelling at people in the crowd like an insult comic at a roast. "Why are you so late? That's a dumb hat! This usher looks like George Burns!" At this point I am thinking, "What is going on?"

After a few minutes of this, Madea announces he/she will now enter the scripted scene. Everyone claps. Madea sits down and starts making fun of Joyce for being so lonely and overly religious. We then meet Shirley's son, who is a reluctant drug dealer. He only deals drugs because his girlfriend has such expensive taste in purses. Madea makes fun of the drug dealer's girlfriend. Then two more daughters enter the scene. One is loud and bossy and in an unhappy marriage with an auto mechanic. (They have a bad marriage because their gender roles are reversed and she's dominant while he's submissive.) The other daughter is mean and selfish because she has a real estate license. Then Shirley's youngest child comes home from school. He's seventeen and mentally retarded (i.e. comic relief). He says some stupid things, naturally, and everyone laughs at him. The doorbell rings, and he thinks it's jingle bells, therefore he thinks it's Christmas and gets very excited because he's mentally retarded. Madea slaps him. Everyone laughs, except for me…

Read this. Read this. Read this.