Tunisian protesters march during a demonstration.

The New York Post is reporting that Tunisia's day-old government was shaken by the resignation of four ministers on Tuesday, undermining hopes of ending unrest by sharing power with members of the opposition to the old regime. All four ministers who resigned were opponents of deposed President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. Protesters called for a new cabinet that had not served under Ben Ali. Clashes broke out in central Tunis around the same time the resignations were announced.

A month of unrest has devastasted the Mediterranean nation's tourist industry. Thousands of tourists have been evacuated, and Germany's tour operator TUI AG said Tuesday it is canceling all departures to Tunisia through Feb. 15. Three of the officials who resigned are members of one of the top labor unions. The group's supporters are calling for a general strike, constitutional changes and the release of all imprisoned union leaders.


This is what happens when you push people too far and when there is a false attempt at working with the "opponent." Chaos becomes the order of the day. Tunisia needs to get a handle on this crisis, and sooner rather than later, before their tourism industry is irreparably damaged.

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