Missouri state Reps. Michael Butler and Courtney Allen Curtis

Two members of the Missouri House of Representatives reportedly got into an alley fistfight over right-to-work legislation, ultimately prompting one of them to seek a restraining order, the Associated Press reports.

State Rep. Courtney Allen Curtis reportedly released a copy of the restraining order and a House ethics complaint that he filed against fellow Democratic state Rep. Michael Butler. 


Curtis, according to AP, accused Butler of confronting him during an AFL-CIO reception at a Jefferson City, Mo., restaurant Jan. 19 over Curtis’ support of a right-to-work bill, which limits union powers. Curtis claimed that Butler took a swing at him in an alley as he was leaving, and Curtis fought back. 

“Our political stances shouldn’t ever result to having violent actions taken against us,” Curtis told AP.

Curtis, who said he wasn’t drinking, said he sustained cuts and bruises to his ear, lip and temple. 


According to the report, Curtis was the only Democrat to vote across the aisle in September to make Missouri a right-to-work state. 

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