As if the story about the white Mississippi teens who beat up and ran over a black man with a pickup truck couldn't get any worse, the NAACP believes that the same offenders may also be responsible for attacking homeless black men in the area:

A horrific surveillance video surfaced this week of Deryl Dedmon, 18, and several of his friends beating James Anderson, a Black auto worker, and then driving over his body. Now the NAACP is trying to determine if the teens assaulted poor Blacks based on an anonymous report saying that the teens "targeted African-Americans in the city of Jackson who were homeless."

A police spokeswoman Golendula Green said that detectives have only received "hearsay" in the form of one call saying "white people" were beating up homeless African-Americans. The department could not validate the claims. 


Dedmon is currently in jail on a $800,000 bond. He is awaiting a grand jury investigation into Anderson’s death. The teen has also had previous run-ins with the law, including an arrest for making harassing phone calls.

Source: BET News.

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