Mike Tyson's Daughter in Critical Condition after Accident

Bossip reports that Mike Tyson's 4-year old daughter Exodus is on life support and in "extremely critical condition" after an accident involving a treadmill. It appears the child became entangled in a cord that hangs beneath the machine's console and was unable to free herself. Her brother found her and alert their mother who called the paramedics. Tyson, who was in Las Vegas at the time of the incident, has flown home to be by his daughter's side.

Obama Honors Confederates Much to Thrill of About Zero Black People

In keeping with presidential tradition, President Obama yesterday laid a wreath to honor the soldiers who fought on both sides during the Civil War.Despite beginning a new tradition of laying a wreath at the African-American Civil War Memorial as well, BET reports that some feel Obama, the first Black CINC, should have put the kibosh on honoring the Confederates due to their reasons for fighting in the first place: States' right (and by "states' rights" we mean "states' rights to enslave other human being for the purpose of manual labor.)

Ethiopian is Germany's Next Top Model

Sarah Nuru's job prospects just got a little brighter. The 19-year old Ethiopian-born model beat out 21,000 contestants to take the title of 2009's Germany's Next Top Model Tadias.com reports. Nicknamed "Sunshine", Nuru was popular among viewers from the start on one of Top Model's most successful franchises.