Palace in Ruins

The Presidential Palace stands in ruins behind a wall supporting former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, twice ousted in U.S.-backed coups d'état.

Captions and photos by Tony Savino

Power of Prayer

A woman prays before a crucifix in front of the National Cathedral.

Faded Advertisements

A man walks in front of a sign advertising skin-lightening cream.

Doctor Visit

A boy at a tent behind Port-au-Prince's General Hospital after receiving help from international doctors.

Playing in Pétionville

Girls play at a camp for displaced persons in Pétionville.

Bare Necessities

A girl fetches water in Pétionville.


A house in the Bel Air section of Port-au-Prince.

Kids in Haiti

Boys play in front of a mural depicting progressive luminaries and the Last Supper in Port-au-Prince.

In the Shadow of the Palace

A camp for displaced persons in front of the Presidential Palace.

Food Line

Children lined up for food at a church.

Making Do

A young woman fixes her hair in a broken mirror at a camp in Port-au-Prince.

Innocence Not Lost

Children at a camp in Port-au-Prince.

Jumping Rope

Children jumping rope at a Port-au-Prince camp.

Sad Reminders

A woman holds photos of her daughter, whose body remains in the wrecked house behind her.

'La Ville'

Downtown Port-au-Prince.

Teenage Gossip

Teenage girls joke as they apply nail polish in a camp for displaced persons in Pétionville.

Waiting for Treatment

People wait outside a clinic staffed by the French Red Cross.

Brushing Teeth

Girls brush their teeth at a water tank at a camp in Pétionville.


Girls hold hands at a camp in the Canapé-Vert neighborhood of Port-au-Prince.