General Motors headquarters 
Joshua Lott/Getty Images

General Motors is investing $449 million in two Detroit-area factories that will build the next generation of the Chevrolet Volt hybrid electric car, the Associated Press reports.

GM would not say how many jobs would be added, but the cash infusion will eventually create a second shift at the Detroit assembly plant that makes the Volt and other cars. The plant now employs about 1,600 workers on a single shift, AP reports.


The company has not released any details on the next generation of the Volt, but investing more money in the existing plant is good news for the hybrid, which AP notes gets about 38 miles on battery power before a small, gasoline-powered electricity generator kicks in.

GM says it will invest $384 million at the Detroit assembly plant and $65 million in a battery pack plant in nearby Brownstown Township, AP reports.

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