Florida Avenue Baptist Church, a 99-year-old church in Washington, D.C., is getting an efficient-energy face-lift. At a ribbon-cutting ceremony last week, EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson celebrated the installation of 44 solar-energy panels. The panels will reduce the church's energy bill by 15 percent, up to $450 a month.

From the Washington Post:

"This is an important first," said Jackson, whose agency recently started a faith-based initiative to increase clean-energy awareness among religious groups. "They’re saying: We're going to take the lead in helping African American homes to become energy efficient."


The church’s pastor, the Rev. Earl D. Trent Jr., said the panels' installation, by a North Carolina-based company in March, was important not only because the church will save money on its $3,000 monthly electric bill from Pepco but also because it will reduce "dirty" coal-fired energy and enable him to establish a "green ministry" that could awaken churchgoers who know little to nothing about clean energy and its benefits.

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