Comcast Cable will launch four minority-owned networks over the next two years; two of them will be spearheaded by Magic Johnson and Sean "P. Diddy" Combs, according to the Christian Science Monitor. The four networks, which will be split into two black-owned networks and Hispanic-owned networks, will be headlined by Johnson's Aspire and Combs' Revolt.

Johnson's channel, Aspire, which will launch this summer in partnership with GMC-TV, will be dedicated to positive programming revolving around the black family and experience. "Aspire will be a network that encourages and challenges African Americans to reach for their dreams," said Johnson, adding that it "will celebrate our heritage, our groundbreaking achievements and the fearless talent that has shaped American culture."

In a video posted on YouTube, Combs said that Revolt, which is scheduled to launch in 2013, will put artists in charge. "It's your channel to do what you want to do, how you want to do it," he said, addressing them, with a result that is "uncut, raw, uncensored."


We look forward to seeing more high-quality African-American programming on our television screens within the next two years.

Read more at the Christian Science Monitor.

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