I'm ready with my custom jersey and limited edition AF1s, should the Cavs need me.

I've lived in Cleveland for most of my life, and I'm probably the worst local sports fan ever. The teams here routinely fail, so as a consequence, if you are a Clevelander, you usually adopt another city's team as your own, just to have some hope in your life. The Cleveland Cavaliers have renewed my interest in being a sports fan because they have the tenacious spirit of a team that wants to win. Cavs in the past haved mailed it in, but you know Lebron James takes every game personal.

The Cavs are down 3-1 against the Orlando Magic in the finals and they gotta make something happen. Of course, I believe they can do — and I have a feeling we will all be witnesses. It's hard to deny that Lebron is The Truth, and he's made me a believer.

Do you think the Cavs can pull a win out?

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