It's not easy being ridiculously good looking. Just ask Boris Kodjoe, who recently admitted that he's had to fight to overcome the stigma of his celebrated appearance. "Over the past few years, it's been more of a hindrance in that I had to really work 10 times as hard to establish myself and prove to people that I'm more than that," said Kodjoe, who's starring in NBC's new spy drama, Undercovers. "Sometimes I think the sex-symbol thing is overshadowing the fact that I've worked my butt off. I can't worry about how people perceive me." All of the beautiful people out there who wish to be taken seriously might sympathize with Kodjoe's plight, but the former fashion model is going to have a hard time getting the rest of the world to believe his handsome face has ever been anything but a blessing.

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Lauren is a former Deputy Editor of The Root.