Although I have  heard that 'Good Hair' is as funny as  I would expect any  Chris Rock movie to be, I am going to have to sit this one out. This is the case partly because I am cheap, but mostly  because I feel like I already know this movie without watching it. Trying to figure out what exactly was  wrong with my hair used to be a part of my life. It has not been a laughing matter either.

India Aire's  song 'I am Not My Hair  is the story of my hair life. I  have gone from natural, to  relaxed, and back to natural. I have even attempted to get dreadlocks. There have been days when my hair with or without a relaxer has just looked a hot mess. Sometimes I even find myself questioning how outsiders, meaning people who may think my natural hair is 'Bad Hair' view me. Still one thing I will never do is go back hiding my natural roots. By going natural I think that I have been both smart and financially witty.  While I don't know everything  I don't need to be schooled on this.I have  come to the understanding that I too have 'Good Hair'.

At press time I am practically bald,  I do not miss the burning sensation of the chemicals I was putting in my hair,paying a ridiculous amount of money at the hair salon, and I love the freedom that I have with my hair. It really is liberating and if you ever get the chance you should try it too, wink wink.  In the past I used to spend time trying to sway  other black women to go natural. I have even written a column or two  in The Hilltop about black women and our hair. Looking back on the perspectives that I wrote, I was really angry. I wrote 'If I had to use a simile to describe how I felt while wearing a relaxer, I’d say it was like wearing a faux fur."  I still stick by that. I know the history of the hair that I was born with, I don't need a comedy to tell me about it.

The reality is weaves and relaxers will never be eradicated, they have become engrained into our culture.  Although deep down inside I am still keeping hope alive, all I can do is conquer  one relaxer and weave at a time.  I have already had a miniscule amount of success. One of my closest friends from back home is natural and I take credit for it.

From what I have heard the conclusion of 'Good Hair' is that hair is just hair, which is very true. If only it were that simple. If this were  the case there would have been no purpose for this movie to  be made. His little girl would not have asked him why she doesn't  have good hair.  See, I already know the ending. I am not saying don't go see 'Good Hair', if anyone needs a good laugh it's us black women who have been dealing with our hair for too long. I'm just saying, I'm not going to go see it.