ABOUT Meera Bowman-Johnson

I’m a wife, mother, writer and designer who’s lived, worked and played in Philly, Atlanta, NY, LA and currently Houston, TX. My love affair with magazines began as a five year old, when my grandfather gave me subscriptions to Young Miss and Seventeen. He wasn’t trying to encourage me to grow up too soon, he just thought I was smarter than a fifth grader. Not long after marching through Spelman’s arch, I began working for newspapers and magazines. As an art director, I designed beauty pages for Essence, celebrity covers for Honey, and contributed creative direction to a handful of other publications.  In the process, I discovered a passion for the written word. After taking a few years off to be a domestic stylist (that’s code for “stay-at-home mom”), I began blogging about race, parenting, pop-culture and the place where the three intersect. I’ve since written articles and columns for Time Out New York Kids, Racialicious and The Root. I'm also an unrepentant magazine horder (my supportive husband insists I trash half my stash everytime we relocate). It kills me that some of my favorite titles - Domino, Blueprint, and most recently Gourmet - have recently gone under. I love living in the digital age, but can’t imagine a world without print media.

When I’m Not in Front of the Tube

Today, my babies are bigger – 4, 4 and 7 – so I’ve recently traded sippy cups for stilettos and  made a bee-line back to work. During the day, I’m the editor of the alumni magazine of a Houston-based HBCU. I love doing my little part to help institutions that have been such an integral part of African American culture throughout the years. At night, I can often be found working on my own writing, including TEWW.

Would you rather watch “I Love New York” or “Flavor of Love”? Do I have to?

“Girlfriends,” “Living Single” or “Sex and the City”? Girlfriends was great, but "Sinclair" was hilarious.

Who was your favorite character on “The Wire”? Why? Never got into the show, probably because it seemed a little too real. I grew up in Philadelphia which to me, is basically a super-sized Baltimore. All I need to do is take a slow drive through North Philly to witness that kind of drama. On second thought, I’ll pass.

Which Housewife of Atlanta best describes you? I’ve only watched clips from the show, but my facebook quiz says Lisa Wu.

What TV family best describes yours? Sondra and Elvin plus three.

What’s your all-time favorite album? Bebel Gilberto, “Tanto Tempo”

If the title of any song could describe you, what would it be? Bob Marley, “Three Little Birds”

Duke Ellington or John Coltrane? Coltrane.

What was the first CD you bought? Queen Latifah, “All Hail the Queen”

Favorite album of 2009? Amadou et Mariam, “Welcome to Mali”

Which artist could sing the soundtrack to your life? Amel Larrieux.

Biggie or Tupac? R.I.P., brothas.

Maxwell or D’Angelo? Maxwell, I mean D’ Angelo, I mean Maxwell. And D’Angelo!

What’s your favorite Spike Lee Joint? "School Daze"

Favorite movie of 2009? "Up"

Favorite movie of all-time? "Slumdog Millionare"

Denzel or Poitier? Sidney.

Denzel in “Mo’ Better Blues” or Denzel in “Devil in a Blue Dress”? Mo’ Better makes it mo’ betta.

Angela Bassett or Halle Berry? Halle.

“Boyz n the Hood” or “The Wood”? Apples and oranges.

Ossie and Ruby? Or Will and Jada? Ossie and Ruby.

Harlem Renaissance or the Black Arts Movement? The Harlem Renaissance, but both have their merits.

Favorite book? Incognegro, by Mat Johnson.

What are you reading now? Kinky Gazpacho, by Lori Tharps.