In economic news, ya’ll have finally learned to stop treating credit cards like they’re your own personal sugar daddy and now spend your money via debit cards. Hopefully each of you have mastered the art of not overdrafting and setting yourself up for bank fee hell.

It’s probably a good thing, too, because there’s not much credit available to most of us anyway. And while there’s support growing for the idea of giving tax credits to companies who will hire your unemployed self, there are other reports that suggest that there are actually good jobs out there…only you may not qualify for them.

I know, it’s depressing and doesn’t help you push through the day with a smile on your face. But have no fear, “The Daily Show” is here.

The hilarious Wyatt Cenac (if you don’t believe me, ask Variety) did a sketch last night about how rappers have dealt with the recession that features Houston’s own Slim (well, not really) Thug.

Look and laugh:

And just for some inspiration, shortly before Wyatt got this gig at “The Daily Show,” he was working the door at Lucky Strike in Hollywood. It had been four years since he wrote for “King of the Hill” and in that time he had recently been evicted, his car had been repossessed and owed a friend one month's rent for his new place.

Now he’s making me laugh. This is your cue to smile now.

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