I came across an article entitled “Recession Sparking New Era in Stand-Up Comedy” penned by The Atlantic’s Christina Davidson.

In it, Davidson touched on the efforts of comedy club promoters to lure cash-strapped patrons into their clubs and how this has spurred an opportunity for new comics to be discovered. For my comedic friends looking for a break, I’m glad the hump may be getting easier to jump over.

That said, I don’t know about ya’ll but venues that typically have two drink minimums don’t sound all that recession friendly to me.

Do you know how many bottles of Two Buck Chuck at Trader Joe’s I can get for that? Enough to have you judge me, which is why I won’t tell you the figure.

For those of us who want to laugh but not get out of our house shoes, there’s always the alternative: television.

Here are the top ten shows you can watch for laughs:

1. The Real Housewives of Atlanta

OK, so initially you’re going to look at them and be envious of their lavish lifestyle and purported elitist lifestyle. Then you’ll hit the Web and find out just about every cast member is only one more late payment away from Rent-A-Center kicking down their doors and causing problems. Once that fun fact settles in, you can simply get your laugh on at NeNe, Sheree, and Kim’s costume wig without feeling the least bit envious.

2. Tiny & Toya

Given that I have my own southern twang, their accents don’t bother me. But if you’re not up on that southern speak, baybee, turn on your closed captioning. Warning, though: it may cause your TV to have a stroke.

3. The Daily Show w/ Jon Stewart

For this show to be the most honest newscast on television alone makes it laughable.

4. Nurse Jackie

Despite the main character being a nurse addicted to Percocet, she still comes across as a lot saner than any of the Obama health care reform protestors.

5. Hung

Now, now, I can’t get that explicit on here. See for yourself.

6. Lou Dobbs

As long as you pretend he’s not serious, you will laugh out loud.

7. Glenn Beck

As you long as realize that he’s actually serious, you’ll still laugh.

8. True Blood

So, you got me, this isn’t a comedy. The horrible accents do make me laugh, though. The actors should watch more Tiny and Toya.

9. TBN

I might go to hell for writing this, but I can watch 10 minutes of Televangelist TV and laugh at levels not heard since Chappelle Show’s ended. Well, well.

10. YouTube

Not TV, but it might as well be in five years. Go here if you don’t have cable. You Tube is almost as magical as Disney World, only most of the characters on there are less convincing.

Got a favorite program to share or another fun pastime for the homebodies?

Drop it below and as always, send your recession tales to therecessiondiaries@gmail.com.

Michael Arceneaux hails from Houston, lives in Harlem and praises Beyoncé’s name wherever he goes. Follow him on Twitter.

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