It is time for the implemenation of forcible castration of pedophiles. Finally, the Pols get something right besides haute cuisine.

Recidivism rates are low for perverts, but the numbers are unreliable. I don't know how a child rapist can be rehabilitated, and I don't want to know. There are some sins that can't be forgiven by mortal man, and if death by torture is not an option, then I don't see anything wrong with making a child rapist's life a hell on Earth. Of course, we must be sure that the pervert is guilty and that piece could make for a sticky wicket. But as long as we can be sure, then I'm OK with that.

Note to Roman Polanski: I don't care what your Hollywood friends say -- I read the teenager's testimony of how you violated her. And I think it's time for your close-up.

Does anyone out there think that castration is too harsh?

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