Brother in the HR office accused of "reckless eyeballing"....

I read this account comparing and contrasting the handling of two different ESPN talents with great interests. On the one hand, a brother seems to have been fired to merely hugging a female co-worker, but Steve Phillips, a white talent, was only suspended for diddling around with an underling. I don't like looking at things in racial terms, but it seems apparent that they got disparate treatment, and I can't think of any other mitigating factor beyond race.

I've been accused on sexual harrassment for not averting my gaze from a woman's face quickly enough or giving a compliment on the color of sweater. In high school, a summer school teacher had me suspended for sexual harassment because she said the hole near the crotch of my jeans distracted her (true story). I wonder if any of you black men have stories like this too or think black men are held to a more stringent code of conduct when it comes to matters of sexual harassment.

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