Whenever I see footage of one of the town hall meetings that devolves into ugliness, I'm looking for the Black folks.  Or the riot police. Because you and I know that if black folks were ever to act out like this for any reason, there would tazers-a-go-go, dogs and water-hoses and vintage black-jacks swingin', for that ironic nostalgia throwback effect.  You and I better not think about causing a ruckus at some political function.

I'm having a hard time dealing with the health care debate in general largely because the timbre seems to manufactured by both sides: the liberal media only wants you to see the wingnut Dittoheads on the warpath so you just pushback reflexively and aren't inclined to seriously weigh or debate the merits of health reform and the conservatives want to fan the flames of outrage and hyperbole to undermine the president and encourage fear and distrust, with no other choices on-deck.

Not many Brown faces in the angry mob of protesters and debaters on the issue of health care reform...what does that mean?

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