"Alright kiddies... peace out!"

News of singer Usher Raymond's filing of divorce papers lit the Internets ablaze, but I could help but wonder how this affects all those people who thought Usher was Father of The Year not quite two years ago. I'm happy he's going in for full joint custody -- it's the only way to fly -- but did he really give his marriage a shot?

All that high-minded talk about being this kind of husband, and that kind of father, and they only actually lived in the same house together for 11 months --seriously. Dude is the Carl Lewis of love and marriage. How do you propose to give your children and your marriage all you can, and then file papers after only two years in? WTF?

Usher has two good reasons to stay in there and stick it out -- Usher Terry and Naviyd Ely.  In court, he describes the union as "irretrievably broken," but I don't buy that. Sometimes you hang in there, for the kids' sake -- that's what manhood is about. Dude is too young to get that, though. All of you who proclaimed Usher the new Cosby Dad may have jumped the gun. Share custody is whatever -- it really takes two, if you're in it to win it.

What kind of father is Usher if he's not willing to stick out his marriage?

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