Man up, Homie

By now, you know that my Cleveland Cavaliers took an "L" to the Orlando Magic a few weeks back, and instead of doing the customary congratulating of the victor, the Cavalier's Lebron James made a beeline for the team bus. When asked for an explaination later, he said he wasn't sure why it makes sense to congratulate the other team for beating you in a game.

To my way of thinking, this kind of thing lets you know why young black men need fathers in thier lives. Lebron James was clearly a young man raised without a father, because otherwise he'd know better. Whatever the rules of the game say, the manly thing to do is to give your opponent props for a battle well-fought.  There's nothing more beta male than a bad loser. That idea was lost on James, so he lost 25k in fines to the NBA. David Stern, after first thinking he would give him a pass, decided to stick it to him, and the Commish got that call right. James' youth was showing, and he needs a reminder that he's not on the playground anymore.

What do you think? Should Lebron James have been fined?

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