Who amoung us didn't know---or at least suspect-- that Roland Burris was dirty?  I felt like alot of tanksters championed him simply because he was a brown face, but, not for nothing, it matters who gets you to where you're going. Put simply, you can't trust the "ups" from a criminal. When Blags appointed Burris, I found myself wanting President Obama to intervene in light of what looked like a constitutional emergency from the curb---any curb. If you can't trust a crook, how can you trust his recco? C'mon.

I made a study of homeboy, and I gotta say I didn't trust Burris' gangster---  I mean, you want your bartender to have game and a certain brand of boorish bravado, right? In my experience, too much swagger in your politicos can often be a sign of stinkage: hubris, kept past the due date. Given the weight of his circumstances, Burris was surpringly flip at every turn. He didn't bring the humility of someone under fire. I respected his gangster... but I suspected his gangster as well.

I'm no tankster, but I can give Obama his props. But he left a city in flames, and while he sets the world stage ablaze playing musical appointees and pin the tale on the stimulus with an easy "What, Me Worry?" smile, Chicago burns. Chicago stinks with the winds of change, and Obama needs to step in and save the city before someone lights a match.

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