Ken Mack


GoFundMe has become a cesspool of Internet panhandling. You have people trying to raise money for some of the most absurd things, from vacations to butt implants.

Back in the day, before online crowdsourcing, people had to earn money for the things they wanted to buy. But now, at the click of a button, you can just ask people to give you money.

Take Ken Mack, for example.

Mack had aspirations of popping the question to his girlfriend. But woe was him. He didn’t have the money to buy an engagement ring. So, of course, he took to GoFundMe to get people to help him out.

Now, let’s talk about this for a second.

If you can’t afford an engagement ring, maybe you should either 1) not get engaged or 2) not buy a ring.

There shouldn’t even be a third option that says, go on GoFundMe to raise the money.

Before the page was promptly deleted by GoFundMe, it read this way:

I meet a beautiful young lady and I feel if I don’t make her an honest women and wife here quick she may not become whole so I’m asking for help with an ENGAGEMENT RING.

Yours truly,

Former Playa that’s hanging up his player shoes.

Mack was asking for $5,000. Mack did not get the $5,000. Mack needs to plan better. Don’t be like Mack.

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