US Airways baggage claim at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport Aug. 13, 2013


Typically when a company is responding to an irate customer, the proper thing to do is to tweet a link to an online complaint form or offer assistance offline.

Unfortunately, someone behind the US Airways Twitter account tweeted one doozy of a photo to a young woman.

User @ThatKATZkat was complaining to the airline about delayed flights and a ruined spring break. US Airways then tweeted back that the irate passenger should fill out an online complaint form. Unfortunately, the company mistakenly tweeted a very NSFW photo:


Screenshot of a photo sent from @USAirways Twitter account. The original photo was unaltered.


And it was all downhill from there:

After realizing its gaffe, the company tweeted an apology:

They have definitely given a new meaning to “flying the friendly skies.” 

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