The East Coast is currently getting slammed with copious amounts of snow. Bad weather beat up the South earlier this week, too, which means that for large swaths of the country, it's really white outside.  

How white? According to Twitter:

It's #sowhiteoutside that outside missed the beat:

It's so white that outside is all up in its feelings, because those are the only ones that matter:

It's so white that outside won't acknowledge its role in creating conditions of overwhelming whiteness:

Outside is also claiming reverse racism:

Outside has also become respectable:

Outside also spent some time today appropriating things from the inside but then felt really bad about it:

Outside is also currently standing its ground and claiming self-defense:

And finally, it's so white outside that outside and Don Lemon are cool:

This is officially the best way to spend the snow day.

Akoto Ofori-Atta is the editor of The Grapevine. Like her Facebook page and follow her on Twitter.