So, @BeccaRum, a white Twitter user (troll?) whose account is now suspended, pondered out loud about black folks, racism and why she feels discriminated against because she wasn't invited to join black Twitter:

‏@BeccaRum This racism has to stop y'all.

‏@BeccaRum I am getting really sick and tired of being classified as a white person and therefore uneducated, racist, and excluded by black twitter.

@BeccaRum I wrote one tweet about feeling excluded and judged for being white and you all exclude and judge me for being white ...

Folks with brains were kind enough to explain to @BeccaRum why her questions weren't very bright:

And then she disappeared into the ether:

Following the tradition of responding to ignorance with constructive Internet snark, @RPinHD started the hashtag #BlackTwitterWelcomeManual, a handy guide for those who are inquiring about "membership."

On getting read, throwing shade, edges and snatching:

On the origins and proper use of terms:

On Beyoncé:

On moisturizing:

And finally, an important note:

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