Comedian Solomon Georgio


Racists and otherwise tacky people really showed their asses this holiday weekend.

We witnessed Madonna do a sorry-not-sorry dance on Friday after she used the n-word on Instagram. We saw the hateful responses to Richard Sherwin's now-legendary postgame interview on Sunday.  And then there were the numerous corporations that thought it wise to co-opt Martin Luther King Jr. Day by using puns to promote their brands. (Porn Hub, though, leads the pack here for being the worst.)

Oh, and Sarah Palin decided to astonish us, yet again, with her incredible misunderstanding of race and racism.

And I hate to bring your attention to this black-woman chair and to the college fraternity that used watermelon cups for an MLK-themed party, but here you are.

See? A lot happened. And while most of us cursed at or ignored these (insert word you'd use to describe the aforementioned individuals here), Los Angeles-based comedian Solomon Georgio decided to show them some love. Jezebel reports that he spent some time yesterday responding to the most vile, racist tweets with a simple message: "I love you."

King would be proud.

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