Beyoncé dropped an album last Thursday night, and we've spent a lot of time dissecting the meaning of that moment. (Is she groundbreaking? Is she a feminist? Is she allowed to call herself a feminist? Was her nontraditional marketing really just a brilliant marketing ploy? Is she condoning rape on "Drunk in Love"?)

Enter #BeyonceThinkPieces, a tweet mix of faux headlines and dissertation titles, which perfectly satirizes the madness of the overdone Beyoncé critique:

Of course, Bey is not above critique. New York magazine's Adriana Nova, who started the hilarious hashtag, explained to The Root via email:

Beyoncé's latest album has sparked some incredibly intelligent discourse, however, the productive conversations around it have been outmatched only by the overwrought think pieces it's also inspired, the titles of which I was beginning to confuse for Onion headlines on Twitter.

Now let us all resume our collective listening session.

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