It's been a hard year for racists, because racists seem to be really, really confused about what racism actually is. (Direct racists in your life to 1, 2 and 3 on this list.)

Enter Twitter's famous journalist Logan James, who, since October 2012, has worked to expose people who tweet the most disgusting, vile, misinformed racist statements but preface said statements with some variety of "I'm not racist, though." James' simple response? @YesYoureRacist.

In case you're not clear on how much work we have to do in getting folks understand racism and all of its insiduous forms, we've combed through the @YesYoureRacist feed to find 2013's best examples of clueless racism:

The "Yes, Black People Are Suspicous" racists:

The "Of Course Stereotypes Are True" racists:

The "Stop Making Excuses. Our President Is Black" racists:

The "Two-fer" racists:

The "Hey, It's Your Fault I'm Racist, Not Mine!" racists:

The "No, Really, What You Just Said Fits the Textbook Definition of Racist" racists:

And everyone's favorite: "Some of My Friends/People I Know Are X" racists:

Bonus: The "I Don't Know How to Properly Categorize My Intolerance" racists:

Take a glance at the #NotRacist hashtag—you'll quickly learn that James will still have his hands full in 2014.

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