Jameis Winston of the Florida State Seminoles

Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

When news broke that Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston would not be charged in the rape allegations made against him by a former fellow student, reactions on Twitter were predictably all over the place. Folks congratulated Winston for beating the charge. People were also really irritated with ESPN for continuing to cover the story.

Then there were the reminders that this should not be seen as an opportunity to call the accuser a liar, or to claim emphatically that she was not raped:

And then there were retorts like this one, from a dude who tweeted, in response to Ebony's Jamilah Lemieux, that we'd be better off attributing the messiness of this story to "slut culture":

We'll add here that the other person's use of the word "slut" in any adult conversation between two people (especially about rape!) is probably a good indicator that you are the only adult participating in said conversation.

Anyway, he got schooled:

We do hope he's at home sitting silently in a corner with his thoughts, thinking about what he did.

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