Chris Brown (Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

(The Root) -- It looks like Chris Brown has had enough.

The embattled singer tweeted today that his next album may be his last before leaving the world of music. He prefaced the announcement with "Don't worry, mainstream America," apparently tired of his bad-boy reputation overshadowing his musical talent.

— Chris Brown (@chrisbrown) August 6, 2013
— Chris Brown (@chrisbrown) August 6, 2013

This all may be related to the 45 minutes he spent in jail last night after he turned himself in for a hit-and-run he is charged with committing in July. Today was the last day he had to turn himself in.

As expected, Brown's fans were sympathetic upon hearing the news, but his critics -- not so much.

— Roy Pickering (@AuthorofPatches) August 6, 2013
— Lau (@RiRiandCBreezy) August 6, 2013
— Jim Treacher (@jtLOL) August 6, 2013
— OHSO (@DJOHSOxo) August 6, 2013
— thomas magnum IV (@the_blueprint) August 6, 2013
— GWDESS (@ThugKaylieex3) August 6, 2013
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