Serena Williams (Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)

(The Root) -- The bad news just keeps coming for Serena Williams: first the Rolling Stone controversy, then the spat with Maria Sharapova. Now the tennis dynamo has been defeated by Sabine Lisicki at Wimbledon.

The defeat of the top-ranked Williams by the 23-seeded Lisicki is something no one saw coming. It marks the end of a 34-match winning streak for Williams.

Twitter is currently in the midst of coping. Most are grieving the loss, while a few are still a bit sore over that whole victim-blaming thing.

— Lil Phil (@InfamousLilPhil) July 1, 2013
— Gene Demby (G.D.) (@GeeDee215) July 1, 2013
— Whitney J. Waters (@Whitney_Waters) July 1, 2013
— Anti_Intellect (@Anti_Intellect) July 1, 2013
— CallMeLisa (@Lisa1660) July 1, 2013

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