(The Root) -- Whoever is handling Paula Deen's Twitter account must have thought that the online fallout from her n-word scandal was over. Unfortunately for Deen, the Internet never forgets.

Deen's Twitter attempted to return to its regularly scheduled tweets at the beginning of this month and proceeded with little fanfare. But when this tweet reached people's timelines, a free-for-all quickly took over.

Today's responses to Paula's tweet are reminiscent of the biting #PaulasBestDishes hashtag that spread during the height of the drama, when Twitter users took names of classic Southern dishes and remixed them to reflect Deen's apparent racism. Picking up where #PaulasBestDishes left off, it was a hilarious reminder that yes, Twitter is still sore, and no, the coast isn’t clear just yet.

— Saeed Jones (@theferocity) July 11, 2013
— Mouse™ (@Oh_Mouse) July 11, 2013
— kolluminati (@kokupuff) July 11, 2013
— Khorey (@_MINAJmyLYRICS) July 11, 2013
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— stacia l. brown (@slb79) July 11, 2013

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