Melissa Harris-Perry (Larry Busacca/Getty Images)

(The Root) -- Twitter loves Melissa Harris-Perry's show. Viewers faithfully tune in to watch and discuss it online with the tag #Nerdland,y the unofficial title of the show. Twitter had an extra reason to catch the show today, as popular Twitterer Genie Lauren (@MoreAndAgain) was to appear to discuss her takedown of Zimmerman Juror B37's book deal.

It just so happened that Lauren shared the set with conservative talk radio host David Webb, who later in the show had some very polarizing things to say about white privilege. Mainly: that it doesn't exist.

In a segment on what can be done to improve race relations and who should be the ones to do it, Webb spoke over both Harris-Perry and the other panelists, asserting that social privilege isn't a real thing. By his reasoning, some people are just "normal," and some aren't. In a later segment, he spoke about how easy it is to not need an abortion, as if he'd ever been pregnant before.

Well, Twitter wasn't too thrilled to hear that, and they went right to "snatching his wig," as they say -- checking and chastising him for his shortsighted comments.

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