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(The Root) -- A recent study by the College Republican National Committee shows that young voters find the Grand Old Party particularly unappealing. According to the 95-page study, entitled "Grand Old Party for a Brand New Generation," voters younger than 30 are critical of the Republican stance on contraceptive rights and marriage equality. They used terms like "close-minded," "racist" and "old-fashioned" to describe the party.

The GOP is especially struggling with minority voters. MSNBC notes that "non-white voters make up 42% of voters under the age of 30, meaning that 'the issue of party diversity and the party's success with the youth vote are absolutely inseparable.' "

To many on Twitter, these findings mean that the GOP is officially on its way out -- for good. Using the hashtag #GoodbyeGOP, users tweeted (not so) fond farewells to the Republican Party.

— Kaye Powers (@powkaye) June 4, 2013
— Aaron Jones (@Jonesdc) June 4, 2013
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