A scene from Scandal (ABC)

(The Root) -- Each week, Shonda Rhimes whips Twitter into an absolute frenzy with an hour of plotting, scheming and fast-talking on Scandal, the political thriller starring Kerry Washington that has taken TV by storm. Even if you don't watch the ABC show, you can always tell when something major happens by taking a look at your timeline -- if your feed is full of "OMG WHAT!?!" "NOOOOOOOOOO!" or "YAAAAAASSS!" chances are something just went down on Scandal.

Last week's episode apparently had everyone on Twitter weeping, drunk or both. Here are some of Twitter's reactions (no spoilers -- just intense emotion).

— L. Joy Williams (@ljoywilliams) April 26, 2013
— Preia Simone (@Ms_Scandaholic) April 26, 2013
— Awesomely Luvvie (@Luvvie) April 26, 2013
— Carmen Fame (@SuperStarStorme) April 26, 2013


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